Nestled in a hardwood forest in the middle of Fairview’s Bowie Nature Park   
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 Joann’s Puppet PowWow in the Outdoor Classroom at Bowie Nature Park

Have a seat around our puppet theatre in Joann’s Outdoor

 Classroom as our naturalists present a series of puppet

 shows! The puppet Joann welcomes the families to her

PowWow and introduces the theme for the puppet show down

 in the Outdoor Classroom.   Every series will revolve around a

 central environmental theme such as life cycles, hibernation,

or pollination. Puppet showswill be followed by activities that

 enhance the topic addressed in the show. 

Call 615-799-5544 for information. 

The puppet Joann welcomes the families to her PowWow and

 introduces the theme for the puppet show down in the

Outdoor Classroom. 

An array of 30 puppets is available for use for that show.


It is so much fun for the adults to watch the most adorable children during Joann's Puppet Pow Wow.   They enjoyed the puppet show but are able to hold and feel the puppets.  One little girl knew what was coming when Joann said, "The end." She enjoyed the show but her little legs began to kick and she put her hands out, eager to hold the puppets. She immediately chose the skunk.

Bowie Nature Park, located in Fairview, TN contains a glorious 700+ acres of forest, lakes & trails, to come and enjoy cycling, horseback riding, fishing, running, walking and playing aboard the Treehouse Playground. You can also reserve the Nature Center, Outdoor Classroom or Picnic Areas for your upcoming community or social event! The entrance to Bowie Park is located in the city of Fairview on Highway 100 approximately 1 mile west of the Highway 96/100 exchange in Williamson County.


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